【Yahoo 全球直播】特朗普就職典禮
Yahoo News Video
美國總統當選人特朗普(Donald Trump)將於香港時間1/20晚間宣誓就職美國第45任總統。敬請鎖定來自美國第一手的 Yahoo 全程直播!
  • This idiot fooled all the morons in America and now he's in charge, albeit for not much longer. This is hilarious to watch.
  • This is just embarrassing. Make America Great Again? We're the laughing stock of the world...
  • Trump is mentally unstable and unfit .. just listen to the #$%$ he talks about during the news conference. He's all over the place. What kind of president is this? OMG
  • Our President is a CLOWN!!!! Even in HIS OWN PRESS CONFERENCE (READ: PROPAGANDA EVENT), he willingly LIES about having the biggest electoral college victory since Reagan (despite having lost the popular vote and being a Minority vote victor). Meanwhile, both Obama and G.W. Bush had larger electoral wins! When challenged by a journalist in this circus, he states: Well, I was talking about Republicans. Then, the journalist retorted with Bush's victory. And Trump says, well I read it somewhere. This is WHAT we are talking people. TRUMP lies to you. YOU NEED the media that offers a truth check on this man's constant lies. HE IS A CLOWN. So embarrassing.
  • Trump is mentally ill and every time he speaks he proves it.
  • Stop calling it leaks. They are whistle blowers. Thank goodness people want to make him accountable.
  • All I want to hear from this so called president is that he is releasing his taxes.
  • Could this be the worst 3 weeks of a Presidency ever?
  • Trump got his rear end handed to him by the reporter with the facts on electoral college votes. Great job! He's so falling apart in this press conference.
  • "Anything I say is hugely true. Anything else is fake news."