Yahoo News Now Special Report
Yahoo News Special Report
  • Go away and stay away. I voted for you, Obama, and you were the worst voting decision I ever made in my long life. Regrets abound!
  • Trump's national rating is 38% Lowest of any current POTUS! Resign or be Impeached!
  • I can't believe i'm saying this but boy do I miss Obama.
  • I know Obama is deeply hurt. 8 yrs of his politics, and America chose President Trump. So his approval ratings are fake. If they were truly so high, lying HilLIARy would have won by a landslide. Bottom line, we elected a black man to be POTUS based only on the color of his skin and he failed miserably. Now America will put him and the DNC in its rear view mirror for years and years to come. Don't believe me, this last election was just the beginning. MAGA!
  • You can sure tell by the comments who lives off the govt. and who's illegal!
  • The astronauts are lucky, they are as far away from Trump as any human being currently can get.
  • Obama and his failed policies were firmly rebuked.
  • Trump doesn't believe in science anyway.
  • Someone please explore the "space" between our President's ears.